Hi this is Skippy here. I'm writing for me and my BFF, Thumper. We are two neutered boys who have bonded well over the last 3 years. Please consider us for adoption. We are tame but sometimes Thumper gets grumpy, I think it's because food may be late. If i had to compare us to other animals or people, Thumper is the wise old owl who doesn't like to be proded just played with. Me, I am probably like a crazy relativ that you've seen on the FLintstones screaming yabadabadoo!

I am light grey with white points and Thumper is a darker grey. We can be adopted with a double story cage all for free if you can find space in your home and love in your heart. We have no other hangups and if the place is well protected and walled off, we can entertain ourselves in your garden until you come out to play with us. Now remember we are just rabbits with short hair. We are not dwarf, not Rex and not Angora. We are just rabbits. We do not require brushing, do not require bathing and can entertain you and ourselves.

Sadly our owner is moving to the UK and cannot take us along which is why we need a new owner to love. 

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