+ AGE- What I would like to know is at what "age" or rather "weeks" is the earliest that I can receive a baby bunny if I would to purchase one? Is it the best to wait for 6 weeks to first see whether it is a boy or a girl?

+ AGE- How old are your baby’s? I read somewhere that they should not be too young as they can die easily from stress of being taken away too soon from their parents and siblings – and that it’s better to wait until the babies are at least 8 weeks old - is this true?

+ AGE- How long will my dwarf rabbit live?

+ AGE- What do I do with an old rabbit?

+ BEHAVIOUR - My rabbit is digging a tunnel. What's happening?

+ BEHAVIOUR: Can I potty train my dwarf rabbit?

+ BEHAVIOUR - You mention that rabbits like to have their "toilet" far from their food and advised to have her food plate inside so she could have her poos outside... We did so but since day one she's poohing in her bed, close to her food.

+ BEHAVIOUR- Today it rained and my rabbit went and sat outside in her little cage, in the rain...aren't they supposed to not like water? and it's important not to have then wet right?!

+ BEHAVIOUR: Help, my rabbits are fighting.

+ BREEDING: We don't want to breed with rabbits. When can I take them to a vet to have them fixed?

+ BEHAVIOUR - Do rabbits bite?

+ BREEDING: Where can I get registration papers for my dwarf rabbit?

+ BREEDING: Should I spay or neuter my rabbits and where do I go?

+ BREEDING: What must I prepare for when I get the first litter?

+ CAGES: Where can I buy a good indoor cage that we can travel with as well?

+ CAGES: Which cages are the best as I heard a lot of positive and negative things about both? I would like something that is easy to keep clean but not hurt the pets paws.

+ CLIENT Q- How do I know your rabbits are genuine or the best?

+ CLIENT Q: What can you tell us about neutered dwarf rabbits?

+ CLIENT Q- I was told to only buy Dutch Dwarf rabbits. What does that mean?

+ CLIENT Q - What do you think about Angora dwarffies?

+ CLIENT Q- Regarding rabbit nails, I read somewhere, that we can/should cut them, and that once a week keeps them always at a nice size.... Do you do it?

+ FEEDING- When my dwarf rabbit leaves food in her bowl, should we take it out the next morning? I read somewhere that we shouldn't let her eat "left overs" of fresh vegetables... but we have a corn with it's green leaves that she loved, but still lots to chew on, we can still give it to her right??

+ FEEDING- Help! Our rabbit has been eating a lot of grass from our garden.... is it a problem?

+ FEEDING - You advised one bowl of pellets once a day, at around 5pm. Vegetables as a treat once a week only. The pet shop told me I should mix fresh vegetables every day in their food and gave me some rabbit info copies to read when I mentioned I had learned the opposite... I am confused, what shall I do?!

+ FOOD - Can I give my rabbit lettuce?

+ FOOD: Does their diet change the older they get?

+ FOOD: As we live in a game reserve I would like to know if we can feed them normal grass that you would find in the veld? Does our normal long grass have enough fibre and nutrients to sustain the bunny or would it be better to buy the straw / lucern and keep it specially for them?

+ FOOD: How long does the food last in the packet? How long will it stay fresh?

+ FOOD: Besides a cage, rabbit pellets, toys and straw/lucern, what do I need to take proper care of a bunny?

+ FOOD - Can I feed my dwarf rabbit apples?

+ HEALTH: My dwarfie has scabs and patches on its body. What do I do?

+ SIZE - What is a peanut?

+ SIZE - My dwarffie had a litter and 1 or 2 are really small. What is going on?

+ SIZE: How big will my dwarf rabbit get?

+ TOYS: What toys could we get our bunny to keep him busy at times we are not there to play with him?

+ WASHING: Should I wash my rabbit?

+ WASHING: How should I wash my rabbit?

I am thinking of buying a dwarf rabit as a very close and personal pet. We often go away for weekends and I would like to take the rabit with me. I will cuddle and spoil such a rabit very much. Is this possible? Is this the right pet choice?

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